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If you’re flying economy, reserve your seat as quickly as humanly possible (set an alarm: most airlines will let you choose your seat a minimum of 24 hr in advance). The trick is to go as close to the back of the aircraft as possible. This method, your odds of getting a row to yourself are much greater (airline companies tend to book from the front) and you ought to also be as far from any weeping babies as possible, as well as near the galley significance better meal choices and simple access to stretching area.

However window seats need to always be your first option: they use a solid surface to nap versus, you will not be disrupted by passing drink carts, you only have to get up when you wish to go to the bathroom, and you can manage the critical daylight when you need to rest.

The trick to remaining comfy at high altitude is layering. A plush cashmere jumper is the ultimate tool for this task. It might sound odd, however water is your best good friend in the air. Aeroplane cabins will seriously dehydrate you, so resist by packing an empty, refillable water bottle, ideally consisting of an integrated filter.

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When on the airplane, sip slowly and routinely; the cabin crew will be only too happy to keep topping it up. Load your cellphone with additional music, podcasts, books and films, in case you lack on-board alternatives. Travelling seriously drains your phone’s battery just waiting at an airport can all but empty it so ensure you have additional juice in the form of a power bank.

Don’t make the error of prioritising hand baggage little enough to fit under the seat in front of you that’s an incorrect economy that’ll only trigger discomfort on longer flights. Instead, your best option is always an over-the-shoulder holdall. It’ll offer you ease of motion through the airport and access to your things on board.

The trick then is to pack little, zippable packaging cubes inside your holdall, like those sold by Eagle Creek (for example, one for electronic leads, one for toiletries and so on). @JT_Travels/ Huawei P20 Pro As soon as the seatbelt indication goes off, so should your shoes. Your feet and ankles will swell at high elevation, making your footwear unpleasant and limiting blood flow in your legs.

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If you do not feel comfortable cushioning around an airplane in your socks, include a thicker, 2nd pair of slipper socks over the top. Yes, airlines provide headphones for consumers; no, they’re never especially great. Not even in company and very first class. So constantly pack your own headset (most routine fliers swear by Bose, whose QuietComfort 35 II headphones are hard to beat).

Inexplicably, most economy class plane seats do not appear to have actually been designed with human backs in mind (they tend to be a “C” shape, as opposed to our spinal columns, which resemble more of an “S”). Offset this by wedging a pillow or jumper behind your lower back and stride off the aircraft when it lands rather than creaking your method back down the aisle.

Particularly prevent the pretzels and crisps which are typically offered as snacks on flights. Your finest bet is to pack your own protein-rich snacks to keep you feeling fuller for longer, like cereal bars, nuts and dried fruit. Coffee is dehydrating and can adversely affect your rest mid-flight. Green tea is an excellent alternative as it’ll offer you a little energy boost without the dehydrating effects.

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