Queensland is a haven for those looking to relax and enjoy the benefits of its pristine environment. From snorkeling in Cairns Bay, sunbathing on one of our many sandy beaches, or climbing mountains overlooking crystal-clear lakes – Queensland has it all!

No other place offers you such an abundance of natural wonders, from lively cities like Brisbane to untamed rainforest villages that are waiting just outside your doorstep.

Tourism in Cairns is an important industry because it’s located right at the heart of the Great Barrier Reef. It offers snorkelers opportunities to explore underwater treasures with ease.

The most famous attraction is, without a doubt, The Great Barrier Reef, and it includes over 900 islands with 300 coral reefs that span along 2000 km of Australia’s coastline. There are also many beaches to explore when you’re there – some right at your doorstep, while others require more time and effort to get to. If you’re looking for a city with great food, then Cairns is the place for you.

There are so many types of cuisine available – from local Aussie fares like barramundi or crocodile to international favorites such as Thai curries or American burgers.

You can also enjoy a drink at one of the city’s bars after your meal, or go for a coffee in one of Cairns’ many cafés. And what are some other things to do while you’re there? Visiting museums, taking part in arts and cultural events, exploring national parks – they’re all popular activities when visiting this beautiful region.

You can also take scenic walks, charter a boat or have some fun at the casinos. For those who love animals and nature, Cairns National Park offers plenty of opportunities for this too. There are koalas to spot, as well as other Australian wildlife that call these lush forests home – from kangaroos to lizards.

For a family-friendly vacation, we recommend the Cairns Aquarium. The aquarium is not only entertaining for children and adults alike, but it also has something to teach about marine life conservation efforts that you won’t find at other attractions in town.

What a snorkeler’s experience is like?

The best thing about visiting Cairns for your Great Barrier Reef adventure is that the snorkelers get to explore underwater treasures with ease.

It makes it easier because of how wide and shallow most reef areas are in this part of Australia, making it easy for even novice adventurers to explore.

Cairns is a perfect place for adventure seekers who want to explore the Great Barrier Reef and all that it has to offer. It’s snorkelers like you that make it possible to explore the world’s largest living structure.

What do you need to know before visiting Cairns?

There are a few things that visitors should keep in mind when planning their trip to this region – weather, safety, and money exchange rates.

It’s important for travelers from the United States or other countries with different currencies than Australia’s AUD, like Europe or Canada, to do their research on how much it will cost them to visit Cairns.

The city’s climate is quite warm and humid all year round, with temperatures averaging between 20-30 degrees Celsius (68-86 Fahrenheit).

It can get really hot – even in the rainforest areas, which are usually cooler than other parts of the city.

Visitors should be mindful of this and plan accordingly – whether that means layering up or doing less strenuous activities during peak hours.

It’s also important to take care when walking around at night, as there have been instances of muggings happening in popular tourist areas such as The Esplanade Mall.

Cairns is a great city for families, couples, or solo travelers. It offers an abundance of outdoor activities and natural beauty that are sure to please anyone looking for adventure in the tropics. You will not regret visiting this incredible place!


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